What is Processor Speed?

So now that you know a bit about RAM … another component that is important to think about is Processor Speed.

The Processor of the computer can be referred to as the “brains” of the computer. Therefore, if you want your computer to last a few years without needing to update it; you want to purchase the fastest processor available.

In simple terms, let’s think about what you do in a day or what you are asking your computer to do. If you are doing one thing at a time; a single-core processor is fine as the computer will process one thing before trying to process another. However, if you want your computer to think about multiple things at the same time (you are asking it to multitask) then you need a multi-core processor.

I see people looking at dual-core processors and they think they are fine. You will be for a while if you are using the computer for a “regular” application. However, in today’s world … what is “regular”. Why not look at a quad-core? There is nothing worse than waiting for your computer to do what you want it to. Remember that the computer processor controls the entire machine and its operations. The efficiency of the processor is a direct correlation to how well your computer will operate.

Both business people AND the IT people who recommend the best configuration for a business application always seem to undersell in this area and I have never understood why. Have you ever thought about or looked at the teenagers today that have gaming programs loaded and are flipping through screens of high graphics in seconds? How are their computers configured? They have FAST processors and LOTS of RAM.

 Just because you are using your computer for business; I would still recommend that you tell your IT person that you want the fastest processor (the one that they recommend for gaming) Why? It will last longer and you will be the envy of everyone else in the office when your work is finished while they are still waiting to save and print something!