Are you keeping up with technology?

It has recently come to my attention that some organizations just don’t seem to feel that technology is important. I am completely baffled by these thoughts. Why do people only upgrade when it’s too late? Such as after a computer actually crashes?

Today’s technology is advancing so rapidly. We are constantly seeing new, better, faster hardware available that can keep up with the software changes. Look at Apple and their I-Pads or iPhones… it seems that they are launching a new version every six months?

For a traditional business that uses computer desktops and laptops for their primary day-to-day work; the average lifespan of each of these machines is probably about 1-2 years.

For “gamers” and “advanced” users that want the best speed, quality, and the “latest technology” all the time the average life expectancy is probably closer to 6 months.

So the question I ask is why am I constantly walking into organizations that have not even thought about upgrading any of their computers in 3 or more years? I actually met someone recently that had a computer that was close to 10 years old. I am shocked that
it even turns still turns on?

Did you know that with the Windows 7 Operating System that is on your computer it needs a minimum of 1 GIG of RAM just to operate and it is recommended to have 2 GIG of RAM? Note: If you are still running Windows XP (which you can’t even find anywhere for sale anymore) then you would be able to use a computer with 1 GIG of RAM. Do Windows actually state that you can run XP on as little as 512 MEG?

However, keep in mind that’s just the operating system requirements. What else do you have loaded on your computer? What are the requirements of each of those systems?

The other main thing that you should be considering when upgrading either your existing computer or purchasing a new computer is the computer’s processor speed.

If you TRULY want to stay in business and enjoy having the reliability of the “tools” for your business then PLEASE consider a maintenance schedule for all of your technology which includes cleaning, defragmenting, etc. PLUS invest in upgrades or replacements on a yearly basis. If you do not take the technology in your business seriously; it could cost you a GREAT DEAL MORE in the long run!