Computers and LEAN


First let me say thank you for all of the feedback in regards to your thoughts on RAM and Processor Speed. However, I need to publically say that, in my opinion, I firmly believe “slow” computers are NOT LEAN.

I completely understand that some people believe that computers have nothing to do with LEAN and that is partly correct. The reason that I will agree with this statement is that I know of many LEAN businesses that are not automated but have a really good streamlined process. Since these companies are not automated, computers do not come into the picture at all, I will therefore agree in these instances with the statement that computers are not really “part of lean”.

However, if a business is automated in any way and the use of technology is part of their process, it is only right to suggest that you want to make sure that the technology you are using is both fast and efficient. There is nothing more wasteful than waiting for a computer to respond to what you need it to do.

The final thing that I want to challenge you “nonautomated” businesses with is this: DO YOU THINK THAT YOU MAY BE ABLE TO SAVE TIME BY AUTOMATING SOME OR ALL OF THE THINGS YOU DO MANUALLY TODAY?

AS YOU COME TO THE END OF ANOTHER YEAR … AND THE START OF A NEW YEAR … PERHAPS YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT LOOKING INTO MOVING TO A MORE ELECTRONIC ENVIRONMENT NEXT YEAR? After all, the future is becoming more and more digital … DAILY!! The longer you wait; the harder it will be to catch up …